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» » Substance Designer 2.1.0 Build 7914

Substance Designer 2.1.0 Build 7914

Substance Designer 2.1.0 Build 7914

Substance Designer - мощная программа, которая предназначена для создания, редактирования и обработки сложных текстур. Программа позволяет микшировать и манипулировать битмапами, векторными изображениями и процедурными элементами. Текстуры созданные с помощью Substance Designer являются динамическими, то есть их можно свободно модифицировать на любом этапе создания. При этом пользователь на выходе автоматически получает разные карты - диффузные, нормал, спекуляр и т.д.

Разработчики программы встроили в неё большое количество шаблонов и фильтров, которые значительно упрощают работу дизайнера. Имеются например такие фильтры "Битпам в материал", "Динамические тени", "Покрыть ржавчиной" и т.д. Пакет "Substance Designer" включает в себя также приложение "Substance Player" для просмотра созданных вами текстур, а также включенных в пакет тренировочных текстур.

Substance Designer поддерживает импорт текстур из таких программ как Photoshop, 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya , Unity 3.4 (и выше). Программа позволяет в режиме реального времени вносить изменения и применять эффекты. Кроме того, Substance Designer поддерживает векторный формат изображений и может работать со слоями.

В новой версии проведён полный редизайн стека слоёв, добавлены новые эффекты, функция drag-and-drop и предварительный просмотр маски. Также были улучшены функции инструмента Paint. Программа Substance Designer доступна для Windows и Mac OS X по цене $ 990.

Substance Designer 2.1.0 Build 7914

Substance Designer is designed with multi-channel textures in mind, and can work natively with as many channels as needed for your specific shaders and/or materials.

Introducing substances, a new breed of textures and filters.
Substance Designer allows you to create substances, a new breed of smart textures. Substances are hybrid assets that can be made from different types of resources, including your existing bitmaps. But as opposed to bitmaps, substances can be fully dynamic, including for texture resolution. They can have multiple outputs to generate complete texture sets at once and they can also have inputs to be used as filters. Infinite possibilities stored in only a few kilobytes.

Non-linear & Iterative Workflow.
Creating substances in the node-based interface of Substance Designer is a completely non-linear process: you are free to make any change you want at any time, and all your changes will automatically be applied to all the outputs of your substance (diffuse, specular, normal, etc), so you can create and edit complete texture sets in a much faster way than with traditional tools.

Creative power and flexibility.
Substance Designer features a large set of resources for every 3D artist to achieve great results whatever their skills. Any user will be able to use the built-in filters to quickly boost his existing bitmaps and do things like transforming a simple photo into a seamless tileable material and adding dynamic details to it. More advanced users can use Substance Designer to create their own library of advanced custom filters and materials that they can re-use in their next creations. With Substance Designer, you have the power to build the texturing pipeline that really fits the creative needs of your projects.

Integrated pipeline.
No other texturing solution integrates into your current pipeline as Substance Designer does. Your textures created in Photoshop or taken from your libraries of bitmaps can be used as resources for new substances. Even better, whether you create a dynamic material or a filter, you can import your substance into any compatible solution such as Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya 2012, and edit its parameters to generate new variations in real-time directly in your favorite DCC tool or game engine. You can also download our free Substance Player to render your substances into classic bitmaps.

• Customizable GUI
• Node-based interface
• Non - linear authoring process
• Automatic Tiling
• Real-time 2D & 3D previewer
• Embedded library of filters
• Embedded advanced procedural resources
• Embedded vector graphics editor
• Graph based editing of advanced functions
• Import formats: SVG, BMP, TGA, GIF, JPG, PNG, DDS, TIF and more
• Export formats BMP, TGA, GIF, JPG, PNG, DDS, TIF and more
• Substances are compatible with Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, and Flame 2012, and mode coming

What is new in Substance Designer 2.1


Preferences Panel allowing the user to change application settings
SVG node points can be converted to corner and bezier curve
SVG nodes can be cut, copied and pasted
SVG nodes can be ordered
SVG pencil and pencil polygon have been moved from shapes tool in a separate tool
Complete redesign of the layer stack, which now include effects, drag & drop and mask preview
Possibility to create, edit and delete channels in the layers
Packages can be publish from a new button in package explorer tool bar
Changing default value of an input tweak invalidate nodes which used this tweak
Input tweaks can be grouped by a new group parameter (used in some integrations and Substance Player)
Input tweak label is displayed instead of his identifier
During their creation, layers are auto-named
License wizard customer Id and license key are persistent

Bug Fixes

The license wizard doesn't crash anymore when waiting a few minutes.
A node Convert to grayscale has been added in new empty layer.
Drag&Drop of Base Element has been fixed.
Fixed thumbnail visibility layers,
Fixed New 3d View button action.

Активация, рег. код: в архиве
Интерфейс: Английский
ОС: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Размер: 79.48 MB

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